Mr. and Mrs. Walls
I Have Found the One Whom My Soul Loves...

Said "I Do" on November 20th 2021

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The pandemic has been difficult in a lot of ways, but there are also bright spots that come from dark times and Rebekkah and Joe and testimony to this very fact!  They met at the Heilmann dog park in Atascadero in 2020 during the height of the pandemic.  Rebekkah's dog "Howie" playfully nipped Joe on his side, and when she asked if he bit him, he said no.  Whether or not Howie actually did bite Joe remains a secret, but maybe that was just his way of bringing the two together.  Then have been together officially since July of 2020.  Joe proposed at the Cayucos Dog Beach on March 6th of 2021 at the exact spot where he had asked her to be his girlfriend.  He got down on one knee, popped the question, and when she said "yes" a stranger yelled "Congratulations"!  It just so happened that Rebekkah's uncle Tom and aunt Genevieve were having their 50th wedding anniversary party that same day and even though they tried to keep it under wraps, the secret came out and everyone had a fabulous time celebrating together!

When asked what she loves most about Joe, Rebekkah said "The thing I love most about Joe is that he is truly himself in every situation, he doesn't try to pretend he's someone he's not.  He makes me want to be a better person, and I can see myself growing with him throughout the years."

You and Me Together, Always and Forever


When asked what he loves most about Rebekkah, Joe said, "The things I love most about Rebekkah are her work ethic, she makes me feel confident, she cares about what I think, and she loves me for who I am."

Rebekkah and Joe's wedding was truly an intimate family affair.  Rebekkah bought her house in September of 2020, and her and Joe worked on it so much that it was the perfect location.  They completely re-did the backyard, sanded and re-finished the benches, and so much more!  Now, throughout the years, every time they go into the backyard they will be reminded of their wedding day!  They were BOTH looking most forward to marrying each other in front of their family and friends and just having an amazing time, and all of their hard work truly paid off in the end because their day was absolutely beautiful!  The decorations, florals, little touches, and all of the smiling faces brought their evening to life.  Congratulations to two of the most beautifully in love people I have seen in a long time; may your lives be filled with nothing but love, smiles...and of course, dogs!  

So, grab some kleenex, sit back and enjoy a photographic walk through Rebekkah and Joe's special day.  If you see a photograph you love, there is a "buy product" button located above each image.  If you decide you would like a print, canvas or metal wall art of the image, it will be sent directly to your door!  

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